Car Shopping: Do Your Research

If you have purchased a car recently, you have surly discovered how complicated new cars have become. There is a lot of talk about MPG, safety features, hybrid, and horsepower just to name a few. In this article lets focus on horsepower.

We have all see those tiny little fuel-efficient cars on the road. Those typically have a smaller engine, providing less power, saving fuel. But then there is the other side of the spectrum with a sporty beefed up engine. Those cars are very powerful containing a lot of horsepower. However, that horsepower does come at a price, both financially and at the fuel pump.

In short, horsepower is a term used to describe how much power that car/truck/SUV can provide. It was a term coined hundreds of years ago to describe the power an engine had. Back then the engine was steam, however the term has carried on into today's culture to provide the same description.
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