Gasoline Lines: Passive Heroes of the Fuel Delivery System

The gas in your tank is supplied to your motor through a network of components called the fuel supply system. This network includes many components that have moving parts, such as the fuel pumps. That said, other members of the fuel-supply team have more passive roles in the proceedings, and the fuel lines are prime examples of this phenomenon.

The fuel lines must transport pressurized fuel from place to place without leaking. Since most lines are located outside of vehicles, they need to be tough and durable enough to survive tough weather and temperature conditions.

To accomplish their missions, most long-range fuel lines are made from sturdy steel alloys. The portions of the line closer to actual motor interfaces are often composed of tough and flexible thermoplastics.

While durable, fuel lines still require occasional attention in order to head off potential problems. At our facility in the Cicero area, our certified fuel system technicians can keep your lines and the rest of your system components in fighting shape. To benefit from our years of experience, bring your car by Burdick Volkswagen today for a no-obligation conversation with our experts.

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