Learning the Right Way How to Drive in the Rain

The following guide to learning the right way to drive in the rain has been brought to you by Burdick Volkswagen.

When your windshield wipers go on in the rain, you should also turn on the headlights. This makes you and your vehicle more visible in bad weather, and in some states is now the law.

Take the time to slow down two more seconds when the rain starts falling. This will help to increase your distance between the next car and give everyone more in the way of reaction time.

Once it is raining, the cruise control needs to be off or you run the risk of the car sliding off into oncoming traffic.

Don't be in such a hurry in the rain because every mile faster you go, you run the risk of the car being able to hydroplane.

Bring your vehicle to Burdick Volkswagen for servicing so we can ensure it is ready for inclement weather.
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