Why Are Summer Tires Better Than the All-Season Tires?

The team here at Burdick Volkswagen has created this list of reasons why the summer tires are a safer alternative as the warm weather approaches. From better braking, cornering, and handling, summer tires are a better choice than all-season tires.

The tread pattern on the summer tires are crafted in a way to help improve the handling of your vehicle at higher speeds.

With far few grooves on summer tires compared to all-season tires, you'll have more contact with the roads as they heat during the day.

The unique tread pattern on the summer tires expels water from the road faster, which in turn will reduce the likelihood of your vehicle losing control when driving at high speeds in the rain.

If you schedule a tire rotation at Burdick Volkswagen, it will give our team a better chance to get eyes on the treads to ensure no troubles on the road.
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