The Safest Way to Change Your Car's Flat Tire

Here is a guide to safely change that flat tire on your vehicle.
1. Always move the car, on the rim if needed, to a safe location off the highway before changing the tire.
2. Using the tire wrench, loosen the lugs on the flat tire before jacking the vehicle into the air.
3. Jack the vehicle high enough so the tire that is flat is no longer in contact with the road surface.
4. Loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire all the way, remove the flat tire.
5. Place the spare tire on the tire bolts and place the lug nuts on and tighten until the wheel is snug.
6. Lower the car and then it is safe to tighten the lugs all the way.
7. Put away the tools and the flat tire in your vehicle's trunk.

Once the car is back on the road, visit Burdick Volkswagen so we can replace the tire and check the others.



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