The Volkswagen Beetle Makes its Departure with the Final Editions

Many things come and go. The Volkswagen Beetle which has long been known for its originality is on its way out. We at Burdick Volkswagen have decided to take advantage of this particular event so that we can make sure that you can benefit from what this brand has to offer.

Given that the design of this vehicle is the final edition, a lot of thought has been put forward to this particular vehicle in order to make it stand out in a way that only the Volkswagen Beetle could. This actually comes with two editions which is Safari Uni and Stonewashed Blue Metallic.

The interior design is one of the areas where creativity has gone into. One of the parts of the Beetle that stands out is the steering wheel. It has been wrapped in leather and designed to be a multi-function steering wheel so that you can control more than where you ride.



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