Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Over time, tires can build up dirt and debris, causing your vehicle’s performance to suffer. If you are starting to hear rubbing in your tires while driving or braking, then that could be a sign that your tires should be cleaned. Another great way to know that it's time for your tires to be cleaned is by simply looking at them.

If you’re washing your entire vehicle, be sure to clean your wheels and tires first. Cleaning your wheels and tires first will prevent the tire grime from splashing over you. Feel free to use soap and water to clean your tires. You do not need an expensive tire cleaner.

In order to ensure safety, be sure to wear gloves when cleaning your tires. Your tires store tons of dirt in them. Wearing gloves will ensure that your hands stay clean and protected during the process. Overall, cleaning tires can be fun!



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