The Volkswagen Passat is a Safe and Well-Designed Sedan

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the top mid-sized sedans on the market today. This sedan provides a quiet and comfortable ride. You can also expect good acceleration from the turbo four-cylinder engine. The Passat is a safe and reliable vehicle thanks to some great design features.

The safe and smart design starts with a well-engineered frame. There's also a safety cage for enhanced protection. The cage transfers any impact energy away from the driver and passengers. Front and rear crumple zones help to absorb the crash energy to mitigate potential injuries to the occupants.

Volkswagen also equips the Passat with its Intelligent Crash Response System. This system deploys airbags, shuts off the fuel pump and unlocks the doors during a collision. It can even turn on your hazard signal after the crash. To check out the Volkswagen Passat in person, stop by and visit us at Burdick Volkswagen.



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