What Kind of Lighting System is Utilized in the 2019 Volkswagen Passat?

An exciting development in car safety technology is the invention of automatic dimming and brightening headlights. The inclusion of this technology helps keep the highways and even the streets in Cicero safer in two ways. First, drivers need not switch their attention from the road to the controls to change the headlight intensity. Second, oncoming traffic is not blinded by a headlight system that does not appropriately dim.

The headlight dimming and brightening system work off the same sensors that detect movement in front of the car. When the sensor detects oncoming headlights, the system sends notifications to the car’s central computer which then dims the lights and brightens them when the coast is clear.

One of the major concerns at Burdick Volkswagen is the maintenance of these modern technologies. Our certified technicians check your vehicle's computer at every service to ensure that the systems continue to work.



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