The Golf GTI remains loved by owners who enjoy driving the compact hatchback that takes them everywhere they desire to go. The GTI may be small, but the car was designed to perform. Experience the power under the hood of the hatchback by stepping into our Burdick Volkswagen facility and requesting a test drive.

Under the hood, the GTI has a capable turbocharged, four-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine that delivers up to 228 horsepower and a respectable fuel rating. The variable power steering system automatically adjusts responsiveness according to the speed at which the vehicle is traveling. In this way, drivers have optimal control. The chassis was also designed to adapt in order to provide the smoothest ride possible.

GTI owners also have the option of choosing different driving modes. Choose between eco, comfort, normal, sport or custom to get better fuel economy, greater traction with the road and heightened responsiveness.



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