Winter Car Care Imperatives

There are a number of maintenance needs that must be met to ensure that a vehicle remains functional during the winter months. Batteries commonly fail once the weather turns colder. Vehicle owners should have a voltage test performed before winter to ensure that the battery will perform throughout the cold season. If testing indicates a weak charge, replace the battery to avoid future problems.

Antifreeze is important to prevent engine components from freezing when the temperature drops. A simple testing device inserted into the reservoir enables owners to determine if the coolant/water mixture is able to withstand the frigid temperatures of the region. If necessary, add a 50/50 combination of the fluids to enhance protection.

Keep the gas tank as full as possible during the winter to prevent any water in the fuel from freezing the fuel line. Make sure the windshield-washer reservoir is full of fluid. Our Burdick Volkswagen technicians are always on hand to help with maintenance and care needs.


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